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Hey Patrick,
Another stunner. Ok now I upgraded to premium member so now these short novels can be thrown into critiques for you instead of in your comments list. I love the final look of the character. I feel there is a little bit of you in the look too, which I think is cool. I love the brightness of the inner power/tattoos. I had a thought that I could be an awesome Idea that only the areas of his body that are being pumped of used get the glow , so you see it always changing and different depend on what limbs of area of his body he is working. Like if he is doing a king hook. only the hooking arm and the related chest and back muscles light up with tattoos. but when he unleashes and goes absolutely nuts then you see more or even his whole body get enveloped in the glows. Just an idea, feel free to use it if you like it. Regarding the rain drops I think you have done this very well, and your work with the drops on the car is very good. I do think that although you probably didn't want to distract from the character you need some drops in front of him, even if it is just like a few over the lower legs.
In relation to what Shuggs06 had said. I agree and disagree with his idea of more light from the wisp to be reflected on the character. I think the only area of the character that may need extra pink on it could be the shoulder band above his tattooed bicep. I think the amount of colour bleed/reflection is well done throughout the character. Though to keep the consistency I would tone down the reflection on the lower left corner. I think it would then make the ground less of a drop of like feel that SewerQueen has mention. I think what you've done with the white behind him middle is plenty to bring him off of the background. And until we know more about the character and his story I could only assume buy the title that along the idea that there is a dark power lurking inside of him. That he may also be quite secretive (well about his darkness identity anyway) as so the more muted colours and less pop that he has from the background hints that he tries to keep a more low profile rather than a flashy super hero, in your face bright/tight costumed attitude. Maybe his character is a little like bruce banner on the run. hiding but has a great power inside him waiting to take over the flash it resides in.

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Xidon Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
Ah nice idea having it originate from his heart. I look forward to seeing your designs for the energy flowing to different parts of his body. Ah the lighting is generally fine , i'm just being picky. unless you are writing a critique I don't think I would have though twice about thinking anything less than mega awesome. Ha glad you like them. I like writing them hoping they are useful. Not that you need them, more like something that you may lend you a hand in the back of your mind for future works.

PatrickBrown Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
I totally agree with what you've said :D I can't believe I missed the rain effect in the foreground, like in front of him Uuuh! ah well, and I agree with the lighting, I could have focused on it a little more..

I'm glad you like it, I really appreciate the critique :) That idea you had with the glow. I had the same kind of idea when creating him, like the power runs through his veins and you can see it pumping through him :D As you can see I've got that symbolic circle on his chest, it's supposed to be the source of the power, his heart ;) And I want to have all the light start from there as it's where the darkness evolves!

Thanks again, I always love your crits :D
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