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Hey all. It's been a long while. I have been contemplating what direction I take iny personal work. While exploring inspirational works, I found this Kickstarter project.…

Please have a read and check out the online comic. It's amazing and great has great art. Pledge and help out if your can.

Cheers all.

Hey guys. I have finally today sat down and joined

It has been a long time coming. So you cal all find me on CGHUB  here also if you don't know I am also on CGSociety and have been for a while so you can find me there at here
I am on 3Dtotal as well, but I have yet to update it so I will let you know once I get that sorted.

Thanks guys for supporting me and my work and I hope to see you around on the other sites.


I was just informed recently for some people selling canvas prints and posters of the Alien vs Predator:chess/Pool images I showcase here on deviantART. I was linked to a few people, and companies on ebay and then I found some on amazon too, Who think they have the right to just take peoples art and mass produce it and sell it for their own personal gain. Their is one seller on ebay who has so far sold close to £300 worth of prints of it. I cant sell it as the rights are owned by the client who we made it for. This drives me mental cause I've wanted to sell it for ages, I just cant. These these guys think they can just go sell it themselves.

Ahh rant over.

Cheers guys. Hey be sure to check out 3DVirtuoso for the new Hall of fame recipient Alessandro Baldasseroni

I'm currently designing a new robot for Mad Catz, so hopefully sometime in July I can share this with you guys.


Hey everyone. I have just finished a write up and a collection of work from the incredible Alessandro Baldasseroni as the newest Hall Of Fame recipient in my group 3DVirtuoso

Alessandro Baldasseroni works as a character artist at Blur Studios in California and is responsible for some amazing work. Check out the link Here to read the full bio of Alessandro and to see the collection of his work.

If you like the the feature on this artist and of the other Hall Of Fame recipient Pascal Blanche be sure to watch the group for more artist spotlights in the future and incredible new 3D works by fellow deviants..

If your works is of a high enough standard also try to join as a member to start the process of being able to contribute your own and others artworks to this group.

Hey all. Not to long ago I decided to break my favorites up into categories to help for future reference. After a while of doing this I decided, instead of putting all this time into just myself, why don't I put the time into a group. So 3DVirtuoso was born. I created it to be a collection of the best 3D work on deviantART. You can come here instead of wading through all the WIPs, first models and badly lit Poser scenes. So come and check it out and watch us, or if you have the skills apply to be a member and join in molding what could be a very cool group. 3DVirtuoso has various galleries to break down the 3D content to make it easier to refer to in the future. We have categories like characters and creatures, game art and character sheets, architectural exteriers and interriers...... Then we have the Featured gallery which is the collective best works from all the other galleries. Visit this folder for pure inspiration for your next project. At this stage we won't be using the favoriting system in a conventional way. We will be usin this as our Hall Of Fame to honor and display the works of the greatest 3D Artists online. So far we have Pascal Blanche  as our first Hall Of Fame recipient. And we will be revealing another recipient soon.

Also the great JoseAlvesSilva has joined me in this mission as a contributor. So we will be sure to bring you the best work we can find.

Spread the word everyone. 3DVirtuoso is here!
Hey everyone, I decided that I would start taking paid commissions for a while. Tell all your friends that Xidon (Benjamin Parry) is open for business. If you need characters (robots/monsters etc) or anything else built and rendered in 3D to drop my a note and I'll be in touch.

Thanks everyone for your support.